Thursday, April 11, 2013

J is for Jolly Ranchers

J is for Jolly Ranchers. You know the hard candy squares that come in a range of flavors. There's also soft Jolly Ranchers out now with a center filling. Those, I'm not to fond of; tried them and they didn't make me feel too jolly.

Then there are your Jolly Ranchers who are happy, lovable ranchers of animals. Not sure that I know any jolly ranchers who eat Jolly Ranchers; get your mind out of the gutters if you've already forgot about the first mention of Jolly Ranchers.

This little post has nothing to do with the somewhat perverted story going around about Jolly Ranchers. Don't search for it and if you do and decide to read it, don't blame me one bit. Told ya not to do it. :)


  1. Blog hopping today. My kids love jolly ranchers.

  2. Checking my fellow A-Z Challengers. I love jolly ranchers. I love the rich flavor and how long they last. Mmm! Nice post.

  3. I'm a member of the A-Z team just checking in. You are behind a couple days and if you don't start posting again on Monday your name will have to be removed from the list!

  4. Now that you got us curious, I'll have to look it up. :)

    My best friend and I used to fight over the peach jolly ranchers when they sold them at school. They were the best!

  5. Love Jolly Ranchers one of my favorites.

    Cynthia (The Sock Zone)
    a to z challenge

  6. Hello, Karen! When I was a kid I liked Jolly Ranchers okay, but my fruity candy of choice was usually Starburst. I especially love Starburst jelly beans!! The Jolly Rancher jelly beans are good, too.

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines