Sunday, January 13, 2013

Go Old School with Woody Allen and your Writing

I just had to read and see how Woody Allen went about writing his screenplays. I was a bit surprised how "old school" he goes when he writes.

Some 30 years plus ago, that's how I used to write. A typewriter, scissors, a stapler, and pen or pencil and paper. Take out the typewriter, on occasion I still do this to get my thoughts out of my head in order to organize them once I get them written or typed out with the use of a word processor.

I had an electric typewriter until last year until I donated it to Goodwill because I hadn't used it in so long it was filthy dirty and would have taken longer to clean it than it would have been worth. From time to time, I think about getting an old manual typewriter to peck out my work, but I haven't decided to go back to that route.

"Woody Allen's Typewriter, Scissors, and Stapler" is something else you may wish to read and be sure to watch the video as he explains why and how he does it.

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