Saturday, January 12, 2013

Are Interviews Necessary for an Author?

Apparently Georgette Heyer didn't think interviews were necessary for authors because she thought they were in bad taste. She also felt advertising in any form -- which included interviews talking about her books and writing -- shouldn't be what is needed to make a book sell.

I have noticed not advertising my own books seem to work better than when I do advertise them. Even one person on Twitter commented how she wouldn't buy a book from someone who was advertising their work. She could have been talking about me or she could have been talking about any of the other author's I have seen advertising on Twitter as well. She is the only one who can answer that, but now that I read "The Reclusive Author Who Only Gave One Interview" I will rethink advertising myself and since I really don't talk much about myself to others outside of this blog and to a few people on Facebook, my signature on any given site will be all there is to read about me from now on.

It's not that I'm stuck up or unsociable, I'm merely shy as can be and don't talk much to anyone in particular unless I know them really well. That's how I have always been and suspect I will be that way until the day I die.

Now enough about myself on the that thought. The writer of the article above mentions a few things about what Heyer wrote about and gives hints into how she made her living as a writer through the genres she tackled at an early age.

For anyone who is a writer or wants to be, there is tips and inspiration anyone can take to heart in their own career. I say it is a must read article for anyone who is in this field.

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