Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oklahoma Sooner Gift Guide and Christmas Light Show Video

I know I have a lot of OU (Oklahoma Sooner) fans in my family and as friends. Within those two groups, they have their on family and friends who are Sooner fans. Some Sooner fans have gone to the extreme, not really, of decorating their home with a musical Christmas light show in tune with the Sooner school song.

Yep, Sooner BB. I didn’t get around to the football, baseball, or other Sooner sports articles. The upside, you can go straight to this link and order any Sooner gear for that sooner fan in your life or heck, even yourself.

Basic Newspaper Research to Genealogy

Basic Newspaper Research to Genealogy

While I haven’t found any of my own ancestors at this time through older newspapers online, there are stories in these papers that will provide further information on ancestors. If all else fails, there are some very interesting reads of events of times past.

Finding Inspiration for Writing

Finding Inspiration for Writing

This short how-to fits this blog better than the other ebooks I have been posting over the past several days. I share how I find inspiration for writing not only here, but on other websites around the internet. You don’t have to use these inspirational ideas to get paid, but you can use them for your journals too.

The Midnight Writer

Who would have thought I would write about zombies? Well, I did. But, this isn't your usual zombie horror story. 

Not that I hate horror, I don't, but zombies get a bad rap with their undead brain eating ways. All genres have a bad crowd, a good crowd, and even the working stiffs. Okay, the last part was a bad pun, but in this case, Cheryl is a working stiff.

This isn’t your usual late night read. Even zombies have nightmares when they’re awake. Cheryl isn’t any different than the living except she’s a zombie trying to make a living working nights as a reporter for the Flintrock News.

Trying to meet a deadline, she falls asleep only to have a crazy dream of men in black searching her neighbor’s yard. That isn’t the worst part of her night. 

When awakened, she finds herself in her own predicament that leads her family on a night of amusement at her expense.