Sunday, June 12, 2011

When to learn to use control?

There are at least 3 places in my life in need to learn to use control. More than likely, there are far more than 3 and don't be surprised if I go past 3. Then that would be a control issue right there.

Controlling how much I spend at the casino and on shopping.

This past week I lost control on both things. I knew not to go get the second withdrawal at the casino, but silly me went for anyways. Sure I could "excuse" it to death on why, but that doesn't put me in control of a bad decision.

Of course then there's the shopping. Sure I normally have more control over this than I did this past week, but then again, when it comes fresh produce I can't help myself. Sure we will eat it. Sure it's good for me. Where I lost control was on the onions, you see. I bought them three times this week. Pretty crazy right? Then there was the ice cream section at two different stores along with pastries.

The downside with the ice cream and pastries was: I bought 4 different types of ice creams at two different stores and 2 pastries at one store and 2 at a different store.

The upside is: both stores is where I bought all eight items. They were within 2 blocks of each other. Didn't waste gas. The ice creams were on sale and I had coupons for two of them. All the pastries were reduced. So I didn't pay full price.

I lost control because I went shopping while I was hungry. I know better.

The cruise control on the car

Good thing no tickets even though I didn't use it this week. Bad thing is, when I go on longer trips, I forget to set it. Lost control on using the cruise control. Seems silly and redundant reading that last sentence, doesn't it?

So far I didn't use a lot of self control last week.

Controlling how much I work and earn.

This is one thing I do plan to have better control over for the rest of the month and year. You see, some of you already know this, back in February, Google did an algorithm update. Sure I didn't have any control over that, but I did have control over how much I work. Since their update, I haven't written as much as I use to because that Panda update just bummed me out.

For those who may not know, that Panda update ate into my money making opportunity in page view and google adsense monies. Because that bummed me out, I haven't written as much as I could have for a site that pays me upfront payments as well.

Now that I decided to "get over myself," I am going to change that part of the equation because I do have that control.

For those of you who see me quite often on Facebook and Twitter, don't fear, I am using self control on those two social media sites, so I can get my ever spreading rear end back into writing for pay. After all, I do not want to go back to work in the retail industry.

That is all I have to say today about this week's GBE2 topic of control.