Tuesday, June 7, 2011

GBE's Topic of the Week: Lost and Found

This week's topic took me a few days to come up with. It's kind of a sad story. It's kind of a funny story. You'd be surprised at how humorous and sad lost and found can be at times; especially when it happens while you're at home.

Here's one story of lost and found. It involves a newly bought pair of tennis shoes. About three weeks ago I took my daughter to Payless Shoe store to buy some flip flop sandals. They had buy one pair get the other half off. So, I decided to buy me a couple pairs of tennis shoes, same color; same brand. No big deal right?

I wore one pair of shoes barely a week later. Took them off in the living room. Simple enough.

Sure, it was until...

My husband and I was going to head to mom's over Memorial Weekend for the day; a week later. Pair of newly worn once shoes......LOST. Two weeks and I lost a flippin' pair of shoes in my house, somewhere in my living room. Great! Yeah, go ahead and laugh.

Side note: My house is also known as the Bermuda Triangle. Anything new that enters; quickly disappears. Lucky for the animals, they must have been given some secret code or two that I am not aware of because they are the only things brought into the house that hasn't become lost. However, they can find stuff that has been lost for years.

Now back to the shoe story, just last week..... I found the first pair of shoes shoved under the fouton. Now just so you know, I did look there. But for the life me they weren't there when I looked the first time. I suppose it could be because I was looking for them.


The critters decided to have some fun at my expensive. With those two ya never know.


A ghost in my house, yes there are ghosts, apparitions, or whatever you want to call then, borrowed them to take a jog. Who knows...


I just couldn't see the trees for the forest. In this case, I couldn't see the shoes for all the other junk under the fouton.

But, in the end, my tennis shoes are now FOUND!

That is just the recent episode of LOST and FOUND in my house.