Monday, May 23, 2011

H is for Hell on Earth as Mother Nature Wreacks Havoc

In this year, 2011, alone, there has been such destruction my Mother Nature. It seems Mother Nature has decided to show what Hell on Earth is really like.

She has let out snow storms that has halted cities and states in the United States. With these blizzards, they brought cities and states to a stand still. It seems she wanted those who live in those areas hit the hardest, how it would truly feel to live in a near ice age era.

Not only has she dropped tons of snow, literally, she has shaken countries with earthquakes and tsunamis. Japan had felt the worst of the earthquakes and tsunamis this year. With the devastation she left behind in the wake of those two Hell on Earth events, she was not about to let that be the end of it all.

Now Mother Nature has decided to unleash flooding that has overflowed into farmland along the Mississippi across several states back in the United States.

Not that this is the end of her wrath, she has decided to blow her stack again with the Iceland Volcano that disrupted countries near this volcano not so long ago.

With the volcano in Iceland rumbling and grumbling, the flooding along the Mississippi River, and Japan still trying to make the best of their bad situation, Mother Nature has decided to throw tornadoes into the mix. Along the south, in Alabama who was the worst to be torn up with these monsters from the sky, she now has decided to take on Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado. Even though Colorado had the least amount of damage, they did find themselves watching the skies as such storms has caused significant amounts of damage to their fellow countrymen.

With this in mind Hell on Earth has happened in 2011 with Mother Nature wreaking havoc around the world. The thing is, it is only May as all this has happened.

Maybe Camping was not that far off in the Rapture. He just didn't realize it was going to be Mother Nature making the call instead of God.

Expectations...Are mine set to high?

There are days when I have expectations of people doing or completing what they told me they would do. Then those expectations are not met when they don't follow through with what was said. That leaves me feeling a bit depressed, angry and sad. I try to shake off all the feelings of lost expectations, but sometimes it doesn't happen.

Awww, well such is life, right?

However, when I find my expectations of these people have failed me, another person or group of people, remind or show me that all my other expectations mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. They stand up and show me what people are really made of when it matters the most.

Then there are times when I fail myself with expectations of grandeur with things I want to accomplish for the day. As a freelance writer, I often expect larger things of myself than others do.

Some days I meet those expectations I set up for myself. Other days, as I said, I fail. And, boy do I fail miserably.

I find when I set no expectations of people or for myself, I have wonderful days and can accomplish more than when I set myself up for failure.

Sad, but true.