Friday, May 6, 2011

V is for Vanishing work

V is for vanishing work.

Vanishing work can happen when you are writing an article in a word processor when the power goes out. Vanishing work like that can happen when your computer freezes, decides to have the blue screen of death, or a virus takes over.

Vanishing writing work can happen when you type directly into a websites writing template. This mainly happens when you aren't saving your work or logged out.

Then there is the vanishing work of an email you spent any amount of time on that gets sent into the unknown regions of cyberville.

Then there's the ol' copy and paste trick that can screw you over too. You try to copy and paste something from one place to another to find you overwrote what you had already done. Most of the time we can get this back, but there are times when the world and karma seems to be against us and decides too bad, so sad the gremlins were hungry.

Then there's when it seems you published your work to find it has been removed for reasons that boggle the mind. There's also those bodies of work that sit in limbo for eons that never are to be seen by another human or computer. Either of these two things can happen on any writing website out there.

Vanishing work doesn't just happen to freelancer writers. Thousands upon thousands of people in the United States have seen their jobs vanish too. Vanishing work can happen to anyone at any time.

So be ware of the vanishing work gremlins lurking about no matter the type of job you have.