Thursday, April 21, 2011

R is for Rambunctious Kitty

Yesterday in the Q is for Quiet blog post, I mentioned my cat who thunders through the house. There are times when she gets wound up so much she becomes rambunctious.

When the windows are open, she likes to sit on the sill. It seems like fresh air is her catnip. She gets all wound up, attacks anything and everything in her way. She has become so rambunctious at times, she has knocked the curtain down in the bathroom jumping up to the window sill. Sometimes she misses and lands partially in the toilet. OOPS!

She has thundered through the house missing a step and slams into the stove or wall. OOPS! She gets up wonders off to shake it off only to start again after a few minutes. Sounds like a typical 2 year old at times right?

So that is the r word of the day describing my kitty.