Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for Pudding boy is that stuff good

P is for pudding boy is that stuff good.

Of course chocolate is my favorite flavor of pudding. Pudding can be made to eat by itself. Pudding can be put in a pie crust, cookies, cakes, and fluff desserts. Fluff desserts? You know the pineapple fluff, the pistachio fluff, and a few others that escape me at this time.

There are parfaits that use pudding as part of the ingredients. There are Boston Cream Pies that actually a cake. Pudding is used to fill donuts. I almost forgot cream puffs.

If I thought long enough, I probably could come up with a few more sweets pudding is used in.

Pudding can be made from scratch. You know the stuff grandma use to make that didn't taste like the quick box stuff we have today.I prefer the homemade pudding over the boxed or already made stuff found in the refrigerator or baking aisle in grocery stores.

What's your favorite pudding and dessert it's used in?