Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for Karen.

K is for Karen.

Karen, yep, that's me. I am named after a cousin with the same first name.

I have gotten to know other women with the name Karen. Some spell their name the same way. Others spell them with a C at the beginning. Others have a y where the e is. √

The meaning of the name Karen, from Baby Names World, means pure. Some would say that pure would fit. They would also say I am pure trouble.

Karen is also the Danish form of Katherine. I'm not exactly sure how one came up with Karen from Katherine, but that's alright with me they did or I wouldn't have the name.

Meaning of Baby Girl Names has a bit more information on the meaning of my name. By doing the numerology chart, my number is 9. Their meaning says I'm a humanitarian.

That may be so according to them, but I found reading through all the numbers and their traits I have quite a few of them.

I could go on with more information about the name Karen. I would prefer not to bore all of you into a coma with such trivia.