Saturday, April 9, 2011

H is for Humor

H is for Humor

I believe everyone best have some sort of sense of humor. Without it a touch of humor during the day, life will be boring.

There are different types of humor. The dry to the bone humor that could be mistaken for an insult. There's the type of humor that makes you laugh so hard you pee your pants. Then the type of humor that makes you laugh until you cry. The side aching sense of humor because you were a thread away from laughing yourself into a stupor.

There's the gross humor guys laugh at that makes the girls go ewwwww. Fart jokes come to mind with this one.

In the life of this freelance writer, my sense of humor often doesn't come out enough or comes out all wrong in many cases. There are times my sense of humor comes off as warped. Times where it comes off as dry and leaving people going WTH.

Then there are times it comes out 100% right and right on cue without trying. When you lose your sense of humor, you become to serious and life becomes too mundane and predictable.

When I feel mundane and predictable has set in, I will find anything, even if it's the oddest thing in the world, to make me laugh.

To end on a funny and humorous note: