Tuesday, June 7, 2011

GBE's Topic of the Week: Lost and Found

This week's topic took me a few days to come up with. It's kind of a sad story. It's kind of a funny story. You'd be surprised at how humorous and sad lost and found can be at times; especially when it happens while you're at home.

Here's one story of lost and found. It involves a newly bought pair of tennis shoes. About three weeks ago I took my daughter to Payless Shoe store to buy some flip flop sandals. They had buy one pair get the other half off. So, I decided to buy me a couple pairs of tennis shoes, same color; same brand. No big deal right?

I wore one pair of shoes barely a week later. Took them off in the living room. Simple enough.

Sure, it was until...

My husband and I was going to head to mom's over Memorial Weekend for the day; a week later. Pair of newly worn once shoes......LOST. Two weeks and I lost a flippin' pair of shoes in my house, somewhere in my living room. Great! Yeah, go ahead and laugh.

Side note: My house is also known as the Bermuda Triangle. Anything new that enters; quickly disappears. Lucky for the animals, they must have been given some secret code or two that I am not aware of because they are the only things brought into the house that hasn't become lost. However, they can find stuff that has been lost for years.

Now back to the shoe story, just last week..... I found the first pair of shoes shoved under the fouton. Now just so you know, I did look there. But for the life me they weren't there when I looked the first time. I suppose it could be because I was looking for them.


The critters decided to have some fun at my expensive. With those two ya never know.


A ghost in my house, yes there are ghosts, apparitions, or whatever you want to call then, borrowed them to take a jog. Who knows...


I just couldn't see the trees for the forest. In this case, I couldn't see the shoes for all the other junk under the fouton.

But, in the end, my tennis shoes are now FOUND!

That is just the recent episode of LOST and FOUND in my house.


  1. LOL!! The image of your shoes taking a job and some apparition borrowing them made me chuckle out loud!!

    I am glad you found your shoes!

    Cheers, Jenn

  2. I have poltergeists who take things all the time and then return them in the most obvious places – exactly where I looked and on TOP of everything I pulled apart to find.

    My latest GBE 2 blog: http://helpforsingleparents.blogspot.com/2011/06/lost-and-found-teachers-who-kill-their.html

  3. I remember when I was growing up things were always going astray and no one wanted to admit to anything so my mother said that it was the "ghost." We had a very mischievous ghost! LOL!

  4. At my house it's only socks that go missing, and we blame it on the Sockmonster. ;O)

  5. We have a drawer that if you put something in it (which is difficult because it is so stuffed)you never see it again. And socks go missing all the time. Each single sock goes in a "renegade" sock drawer,which is by now enormous.CM!

  6. LOL, this post had me laughing out loud! My house is also a bottomless pit where stuff goes in but it don't come out. LOLOLOL

    Loved it, bravo!!


  7. I believe that sometimes there are weird things happening in homes. Years ago, my husband was standing in his closet and he dropped his pocket knife. Although both of us were there, neither one of us saw it hit the ground. We tore his closet apart looking for it, but never found it. Years later, we replaced the carpet and had to empty the entire closet out. I just knew we'd find it then. NOPE. Ghosts.


  8. I lose things every day. It's when I am not looking that they appear. LOL!

  9. Funny post :)) Enjoyed reading it.

  10. This scenario plays out in my house all the time. Has for years. I'm convinced poltergeists borrow my things and then return them, sometimes years later, and place them in spots that are so obvious, anybody with eyes can see them.

    My Lost and Found GBE 2 blog is here: http://helpforsingleparents.blogspot.com/2011/06/lost-and-found-teachers-who-kill-their.html