Thursday, May 5, 2011

W is for Wilson

There are three shows that come to mind with a character named Wilson.

House has James Wilson. He is often referred to as Wilson on the show. He is also House's best friend.

Wilson from Home Improvement. He's the guy you only see peering over the fence and other things on the show. He is also Tim Taylors neighbor. This Wilson more often than not gives Tim advice in the form of poetry or riddles.

Mr Wilson is from Dennis the Menace. Mr. Wilson is a next door neighbor too. In this case is the neighbor of Dennis.


  1. I loved Wilson from Home Improvement. He and Tim had some great conversations over the fence.

    Not a tv show of course, but I wonder if the most famous Wilson of all isn't the volleyball from Cast Away.

  2. Wilson must just be a secondary character name.