Monday, May 9, 2011

T is for Typing all these blog post and article challenges

T is for typing all these blog post and article challenges.

Another blog post challenge has been set to do the Z to A this month. This is why there are all of these letter posts that have little to do with writing tips as of late. However, since the start of the last alphabet blog challenge, these posts have made a few pennies for me from Google Adsense. No it's not a lot of money while blogging, but it has helped with getting a few more cents into that account from just having a bit of fun with that challenge. So this month's challenge for the blog posts will add a bit more to that.

A writer friend, Marie Anne, has also set up an article writing challenge using the alphabet as well. It also started this month. While her challenge only requires one alphabet letter a week, it will help challenge me with getting into a different theme for my writing work at home.

Good luck to all who are in both challenges this month. Since I also added a third challenge from a writer friend for this month on making $3500 this month, I best get my hiney in gear and get on writing a lot of articles to make that amount or to even get close to it.

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