Wednesday, May 18, 2011

L is for Linking to other articles for more exposure

I had started linking to other people's articles a couple years ago when writing to give them some exposure from those who visit my AC/YCN CP page and articles. Over time, I had quite doing that. I'm not sure why, but I did.

Even when I was writing the Yahoo TV Beat I tried to link to my articles that were on the same topic. I didn't always do this. Silly me.

I started doing this again when I have a topic that will fit into the one I am currently writing about; at least with my own articles that is. I am going to try and start linking to others besides my own since online freelance writers know how Google's algorithm changes can kick us hard when we are use to getting page view bonuses on sites that pay for each page view or even with ad share revenue.

The bottom line is when linking to other articles within or at the bottom of an article you are writing gives more eyeballs to other writers and yourself. This increases exposure and monetary value to each person who you connect with on this level of what I am going to call "social networking."

To give you a clue as to why I do this for others and myself, it helps all of us who are freelance writers keep our homebased income going with the efforts of others. I have noticed when linking to other articles I have written, my bonus income goes up with more people reading related articles.

This is one way of paying it forward to your fellow freelance writers.

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    Thank You.