Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for Moose Mousse

M is for Moose Mousse.

Now that I have your attention. This isn't about a Moose Mousse, but about moose and mousse.

The Moose.

Moose is the animal that is often confused with elk when looking at them. Sure they're from the same genre of animals; even closely related. However, they are two different beasts in the animal world.

Picture of a moose.

Picture of an elk.

Looking at the two pictures provided above, you can see the distinct differences between the two large animals. Their antlers are a sure fire giveaway between the two animals. As you can see there is also a distinction between an elk and a deer as well. Note the neck of an elk and compare it to this mule deer, there is a difference in their bodies that a person can tell them apart.

Now that you have had a slight education on a moose, elk, and deer, let's move on to the other mousse.

The Mousse dessert.

This mousse is a soft, fluffy dessert. It is light and airy because of the way it is made. I don't have much to say about it except it is fabulous.

I do suppose if you live in an area where you hunt moose to supply meat for your family, you could fix a mousse as a dessert for dinner. I wouldn't try fixing a mousse using anything moose.


  1. I did misused words today too, but nothing as fun as a moose mousse!

  2. Using Marie Anne's misused words today, mouse or moose would be moot in my case. I don't like either of them (to eat). I like animals to see, however. My latest A-Z Challenge blog is here:

  3. Reminds me of the hit single from the 60's: Hoots mon there's a moose, loose aboot this hoose (in a Scottish accent).

  4. Mousse trumps moose, every time. :O)

    My “M” post is right here: