Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for Ambitious and ambition

Be as ambitious as you can with your writing. There are many writers I have come to know have very ambitious goals.

Some of their ambitions are to make the amount of money they earn at their full time jobs. This ambition for them is to leave a job they don't like behind to replace it with a freelance writing career they can support themselves and families on.

Others have an ambitious word count to meet each day. They have set this goal because they work several freelance writing gigs both on and offline. This ambitious goal also includes writing books in many fields.

Am I ambitious? Sure.

My ambition is to stay as a freelance writer for the rest of my working career.

What are you ambitious about?

Do you have an ambition in life and work?


  1. I've always thought I lack ambition, but I think I am ambitious about perfecting my writing. Learning and rewriting and repeating the cycle.

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  2. My ambition is to make it through this blogging challenge without pulling my hair out.

  3. I'm ambitious about getting another book published before I get too old to write. :)