Friday, March 18, 2011

Freelance ebooks for Sale

A good friend, freelance writer, and accountant, Angie Mohr, has written 2 ebooks to help other freelance writers with their business and taxes. These ebooks are worth every cent.

eBook One:

Managing a Freelance Writing Business: A Writer's Guide to Building a Strong Company $8.99 for the Kindle Edition.

* over 80 pages of great info for both new freelancers and veterans
* helps you to analyze your clientele to make sure you're making top dollar from every word you write
* delves into all the back office issues that confuse many freelance writers, including setting up an accounting system, quoting, job tracking, and insurance

Chapter Listing:

1. Introduction
2. Should I Incorporate?
3. Accounting for Freelance Writers
4. Job & Query Tracking
5. Profitable Job Quoting
6. Insurance 101 for Freelancers
7. Dealing with Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement
8. Understanding Licensing Rights
9. Selling Your Writing Multiple Times

eBook Two:

Tax Preparation & Planning for Freelance Writers ($8.99) Kindle Edition

* over 75 pages of income tax information tailored to a freelance writer
* details what can and cannot be claimed for home office, auto and other freelance expenses
* puts an end to water cooler myths about what you can claim on your taxes
* helps to reduce the chance that you will be audited by the IRS
* helps you to reduce this year's tax bill and plan for next year's

Chapter Listing:

1. Setting Up an Income & Expense Tracking System
2. Freelance Writing Revenue
3. Home Office Expenses
4. Automobile Expenses
5. Direct Writing Expenses
6. Can I Write That Off?
7. Filling Out Schedule C
8. Minimizing Your Tax Bill
9. Tax Planning for Next Year

Template One:

# Query tracking tool
# Quoting calculator
# Job tracking template
# Home office expense calculator
# Auto mileage log and expense tracker
# Direct expenses template

SPECIAL Bundle Price: $25.00 (value $37.50)

* Includes both ebooks and the set of customizable Excel templates
* Everyone who buys the bundle will automatically receive the updated and expanded 2nd edition at no extra charge in time for next year's tax season!

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