Sunday, July 18, 2010

Web Writing Tools To Help Improve SEO

Knowing how to write articles that have the proper SEO is more beneficial than you think it is. Sure, business websites need to have the proper SEO to rank higher on search engines; so do your articles.

If visitors can't find your articles through searches, then you won't succeed in writing. It has been a proven fact that 80% of visitors to articles come from searches alone.

Sure you can market/advertise your articles, but without having the other 80% of the world finding you with proper SEO, you are doomed to fail.

Web Writing Tools for Proper SEO

The articles on how to use Textalyser and TagCloud can help you get your keywords at the right percentages for search engines. While there may be a difference in opinion on how high your keywords and phrases should be, everyone does come to the same conclusion. If you don't have a high enough percentage, your articles won't rank as high as others on the same topic.

Many of these people will agree going over 5% to 6% on keywords and phrases will get you into trouble with search engines. Thus, causing your articles not to be indexed or be indexed so low, you would be shooting yourself in the foot in the same manner as not having enough keywords or phrases in your article.

By using textalyser, you will be able to see the actual percentages of your keywords and phrases. I have used textalyser to check the percentages and verified those percentages with TagCloud. The two tools are usually spot on with each other.

My suggestion is to keep your keywords and phrases at 2% minimum and just under 5%. However, if you see any of your keywords or phrases at about 1.8%, you still can have a high enough ranking to make it worth your time for the article in question.

Textalyser: Free, Helpful Internet Tool for Keyword Density
When you're writing for the Internet, different rules will apply than those for print publications. The powers that pay are looking for you to generate traffic to their site. Keyword density is your literary call girl. Textalyser wants to be your madam.

Where the Dictionary Fails: Popular Web Searches and Terms
Are you missing out on page views because you're being stubborn about popular web searches that use neologisms? Are you resisting using these neologisms because they do not fit in with strict rules of grammar?

SEO Tips: Using TagCrowd as an SEO Tool
SEO and keyword density are terms that scare many a writer who want to write for the internet. TagCrowd makes the basics of SEO very easy to visualize without having to crunch numbers in hopes of attaining proper keyword density.

Create Tags With These Web Sites: and More
You can make own tags with these helpful sites.

Using Tag Clouds to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization
The same free tool that creates tag clouds for blogs can create a preview of your article's search engine appeal.

Writing for Bukisa

A few days ago, I wrote about writing for Associated Content. Today, I am going to share another writing site I write at.

This website is called Bukisa. It doesn't matter where you live, you can write for Bukisa.

Bukisa pays in pageviews only to your PayPal account once a month. Their payment system is $3.22 per 1000 pageviews.

Unlike Associated Content, they will not count a certain amount of pageviews if it comes from the same website, IP address, and numerous other things. They have articles set to one page rather than multiple pages like Associated Content.

However, if you write popular topics that are SEO, you can earn your $10 pay out each month providing you have enough pageviews and topics in your account. All articles will be reviewed before publishing.

You can learn more about writing for Bukisa by reading the article below by Jennifer Claer.

How to Make Money Writing for Bukisa.Com
There are many advantages to writing for Although Bukisa doesn't pay upfront for articles, their earnings are typically over $3.00 per thousand views (PPM). Here are some tips on how to earn more on Bukisa.

Other Writing Websites

I don't write at either of the following websites, but added them so you can have other options to choose from.

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