Sunday, August 8, 2010

More Places to Earn Money Writing

A couple of ladies who write at many of the places I do have presented a couple of lists of different places to earn money at home writing.

The first very nice and talented lady is Suzanne Alicie. She has her own website where she is providing help for those who want or need it to get their freelance writing career off the ground.Even if you have already started your freelance writing career at home, are you looking for more places to earn from?

Freelance Writer Online

The second nice and talented lady to share a list of nonfiction writing submission sites with us is Amy Browne. The site she found as she says "Motherload of magazines and online places to submit too.. whoa the pay rate on some of these are amazing.."

Non Fiction Writing Sites. This group you will have to query your articles to the magazines for acceptance.

Michelle L. Devon has provided How to Query a Magazine with a tutorial on doing this. (Be sure to click the title to read the tutorial.)


  1. Thanks for the mention and the information, I always enjoy the sharing nature of writers and the way we all work to help one another. I'll be linking this blog on my work from home blog as well!

  2. Thanks also for the mention! I feel as Suzanne does, I am a helper. If we all work together we can help each other excel out of our comfort zones to be doing the writing we desire to do.