Thursday, July 22, 2010

Monetizing Your Blog

Today's blog post is about writing on a blog and monetizing. There are several ways you can monetize your blog for free.

Monetizing is the way of earning money from your blog. Right now, I have two ways of monetizing this blog about Writing at Home for Money.

1. Adsense

I set up this blog to use Adsense the first day. This way I can earn from the clicks of the ads provided by Adsense. The Adsense ads (also known as Google Ads) on my blog are set to match the content, writing, here.

This is why you are seeing, business ads for writing sites, as well as other ads in different areas on my blog.

While it can take sometime to build up the payout from Adsense, I am earning a residual income from blogging.

2. Adding Related Books or Services

At the end of today's blog post, you will see some E-Books for sale. This is another way I am monetizing my blog for free. Each of the items has to do with working from or writing at home to earn money.

I can sell these items related to this blog to earn money at home about writing. The best thing is, these items don't cost me a dime to advertise. I can earn commissions from the sales of these items.

There are other ad sites out there I could use to monetize this blog, but I hate the automatic linking of the text that has to be done to use them. That's the only downfall I see with using those types of ad sites. I am not telling you not to use them, but making you aware of what could happen with them.

If you find any of the following E-books interesting enough to buy, by all means, do so. This can help your online, freelance writing career.

E-Books for Sale

Work at Home Scams and Schemes to Avoid

Regular Price: $29.95
Triple Clicks Price: $14.95
Savings: $15

This E-book tells you which work at home scams and schemes to avoid.

Matthew Sherborne’s Cash For Content
Regular Price: $97
Triple Clicks Price: $47
Savings: $50

This digital download goes hand-in-hand with the Writing at Home for Money Blog.

Cash For Blogging

Regular Price: $57
Triple Clicks Price: $37
Savings: $20

This is what I am doing with this blog. Also, teaching others how to earn money from writing.

How to Write and Publish Your Own Book

Regular Price: $47
Triple Clicks Price: $37
Savings: $10

Learn how to write and publish your own book. If you have a book written and don’t know where to self-publish, this could help you can find places online to do this.

How to Write Your First Article

Regular Price: $37
Triple Clicks Price: $27
Savings: $10

Another E-book that goes hand in hand with this blog, Writing at Home for Money.

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