Friday, July 16, 2010

Free Education for Writing for the Web

In the last post, I was talking about Associated Content who is now owned by Yahoo. I had mentioned learning how to write for the web. I also mentioned you can learn how to write for the web from many of the writers on Associated Content.

I am now going to share some of their articles with you. These articles were written from their prospective on what they have learned from writing content for the internet.

Consider this part of your free education for learning how to write for the web. I will be adding more articles on learning how to write for the web as I find them.

A Guide to Writing for the Web and Keyword Density
Writing articles for a magazine and for the web are two very different things. Keyword Density and Key Phrase Density are vital to the success of any web article. This article will discuss some key points of success for writing great web articles.

Writing for the Web: How to Write Compelling Web Copy
Writing for the web is quite different from writing for print. Your copy can make or break your site. Care should therefore be taken when writing for the web.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Writing for the Web. 7 Quick Reasons Why No One Read Your Last Article
Have you been wondering if people are reading your latest content? Are the lack of comments driving you crazy? You believe you write well, but still have no readers? Learn the 7 biggest reasons you are not being read.

Tips on Writing for AC and the Web Part 1: SEO Tips
Writing for the internet and for AC changes constantly due to many factors. Here are some things that are working for me right now, many of which have worked throughout my AC experience.

How to Optimize Your Articles for Search Engines
High quality writing has a wide variety of words, juxtaposed in a wide variety of ways. This causes problems when you're writing for the web. The best quality writing is very search engine unfriendly.

Writing Online - How to Earn a Good Living Writing for the Web
Writing online for a living is a real job, no matter who says otherwise. If you want to write full time, and it is possible for you to try, then this article is for you.

How to Achieve Your Financial Goals Writing for Associated Content
Hopefully these simple steps will help you to produce more webs content for Associated Content, increase your fan base, and keep the dreaded writer's block and dead space in your day from taking over.

Inspiration for Writing Evergreen
Evergreen articles will continue gaining readership over time. They are the articles that keep on giving.

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